• Customer Due Diligence

    Customer Due Diligence

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Sometimes we may have to ask you for more information about yourself and the source of funds you use to game with us. You may be unhappy about this and, although all information you give us is treated in the strictest confidence, you may feel it is an invasion of your privacy, and we understand your feelings.
Sometimes we have to ask for more information about you to ensure that we comply with the law. It’s as simple as that – a legal requirement. The kinds of questions we ask aren’t particular to you or to Caesars Entertainment UK; you can expect similar questions wherever you choose to play regularly. A leaflet explaining the reasons why we may need to ask for more information is available on request at any of our UK casinos.


Just like any bank or financial institution, UK casinos are required by law to be satisfied about the source of their customers’ funds. It doesn’t matter whether you use cash, cards or cheques to pay for your gaming in a casino, the rules still apply. So, if we ask for information, it doesn’t mean that we have any suspicion about you as an individual, because the same rules apply to everybody.

But it’s not all about the law. If we’re asking you for more information it’s likely that you are a regular and valued customer. If we get to know you better by learning more about you we can give you the best possible service and experience every time you visit.


When you first join us or sign-up for our Player Rewards loyalty scheme, we will ask you to provide some form of identification. This can be a passport, drivers licence or some other recognised, government issued document with a photograph.

We’ll only ask for more information about you if you become a more frequent player, or if you play with larger amounts. For example, we may ask you about your occupation or the source of your funds. If you can give us a business card or company details that will usually be enough.

Occasionally we may ask for additional information or documents to verify what you have told us. Please don’t be offended if we ask for this further information. We’re not asking because we don’t trust you; we’re asking because we have to. The law requires us to record the information.


Yes, your personal information is secure – and respected. All information you give us is treated in the strictest confidence and used only to meet our legal obligations. Caesars Entertainment UK complies strictly with the requirements of Data Protection legislation.


We hope we’ve put to rest any concerns you may have about sharing information with us and reassured you about the reasons. If you still feel that you don’t want to provide the information we need, then, by law, we may have no choice but to stop you gaming with us.